Thanks to the advancements in the field in the last decade, plastic surgery has become an increasingly popular way to enhance faces and features among celebrities and everyday people alike. As the stigma once placed on plastic surgery fades, and the procedures become safer and require less recovery time than in the past, patients in Vineland, NJ who want to make changes to their looks have more options than ever before. Dr. Mohit Sood has emerged as a prominent and trusted board-certified New Jersey plastic and reconstructive surgeon, operating out of his own practice, The Sood Center.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is designed to alter, correct or improve specific areas of the face and body. Whether undergone for medical reasons, or simply to improve a patient’s confidence, potential patients are evaluated in consultations to make sure they have realistic expectations and are mentally healthy enough to elect to have a procedure done.

What Is a Typical Plastic Surgery Patient Like?

With the popularity of plastic surgery on the rise, today there is no one archetype of a potential patient. Our patients come from a diverse set of social and economic backgrounds across a variety of age levels. The reasons for choosing plastic surgery are equally as diverse: whether to help their professional or personal lives, to feel better about themselves or to help rebuild their appearance after a car accident, our patients all want to look their best.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

Going under the knife isn’t and shouldn’t be a flippant, casual decision. It should be an informed and serious choice that is solely your own. Most people choose plastic surgery to enhance their looks, to fix a specific feature that bothers them or is medically an issue, to reconstruct their looks after a mastectomy or accident or to address issues that diet and exercise alone can’t seem to fix. Whatever your reason, it is your choice, and Dr. Mohit Sood wants to help you to both look and feel like your true self.