Plastic surgery advances have attracted an increasing number of patients who want to look their best. The variety of cosmetic procedures and the excellent results they offer make it possible for people from all walks of life to improve themselves. People in Egg Harbor Township can regain a more youthful appearance and increase their confidence with the array of options available from the Sood Center. Dr. Mohit Sood is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with great empathy, skill and experience.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

The term plastic surgery refers to procedures that shape areas of the body or face to improve appearance. Cosmetic alterations often lead to greater confidence and self-esteem. It’s necessary that a person planning to undergo plastic surgery have a realistic expectation of the limitations and potential results, as well as a healthy psychological attitude.

What Is a Typical Plastic Surgery Patient Like?

Although cosmetic procedures were once associated primarily with people of substantial means and high-profile careers, such as celebrities, that has changed.

Sood Center clients come from every background and occupation. What they have in common is the desire for self-improvement. Enhancement of professional image, correction of flaws or preparation for a special event, such as a wedding or public appearance, motivates many people to take the step for permanent improvement. The desire to date also motivates many men and women to become more attractive via cosmetic surgery.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

Careful consideration of the decision to undergo cosmetic procedures is important. Everyone has different reasons and desires. Discuss the pros and cons with your surgeon and trusted advisers. Reasons for choosing plastic surgery include:

  • A more attractive appearance.
  • Sculpting and firming problem areas that haven’t responded to diet and exercise.
  • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.
  • Restoring a person’s previous appearance following an accident.